Meet the Smiths

Jody Smith

Thanks for welcoming us into your homes. We’re the Smiths from Springfield: Jody, Tina, Eli, Elizabeth and Sophie.

I grew up in Bergen County, NJ, and moved to Springfield to attend college. Tina was born and raised in the area. Tina and I met in 1996 when we were both working at Woodbridges, a restaurant in South Hadley center. We started dating and hit it off right away, (good thing I stuck around after college). An engagement ring held the place for conversion classes to Judaism with Rabbi Schwartz. In December of 1998, it was official, Tina was Jewish.

We married the following June at Temple Beth El and in June of 2006 our triplets were born (a few months early).

I have been working as a 6th grade teacher at Bellamy Middle School in Chicopee for 20 years and Tina’s been with Lenox for 12 years, with a 3-year break to stay home with the kids. Tina serves on TBE’s Program Committee and I am serving on the Learning Center Board of Education.

Eli, Elizabeth and Sophie attend 5th grade at Zanetti Montessori School in Springfield. They really enjoy all parts of school, but reading is what they like most. They attend the Sandi Kupperman Learning Center one day a week and enjoy an on-line class a second day during the week. During the past few summers, they’ve attended Camp Ramah in Palmer. Between attending SKLC and Camp Ramah in Palmer, they are really developing a love for Judaism. Soon we’ll be receiving a date for their B’nei Mitzvah in 2019.

As a result of attending Temple Beth El over the years, we’ve met a lot of great people and have built many friendships. It really is like one big family.


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